Test results for tom-_-yugioh

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Test results for tom-_-yugioh Empty Test results for tom-_-yugioh

Post by (immortal) High JD on Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:06 pm

Deck size is exactly 40, 10 points

Number of times tom won, me on the right, tom on the left, 1-2, = 5 points

Tom made quite a few missplays mostly with soul charge which exceeds 6 = 0 points

Tom used LightRulers (lightsworn and d-rulers) which is meta = 0 points

Tom had a decent skill with the deck = 5 points

He had a 1 card side deck = 0 points

Tom is a nice guy and i wouldnt mind to duel him again sometime Very Happy, = 15 points

35/100 tom-_-yugioh Welcome to the clan, you are a rank 1

(immortal) High JD
(immortal) High JD

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