Test Results for Finaliu

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Test Results for Finaliu

Post by (immortal) Briares on Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:01 pm

Deck Size: 51=0 Points

Number of Wins: 0-2=0 Points

Creativity: The deck itself is the "V is for Victory" starter deck with 11 added cards (and since we don't see much of this)=5 Points

Overall Skill: He performed it decently but not enough to keep up with many of my plays=5 Points

Side Deck: 0 Cards= 0 Points

Attitude: Was A very friendly person and said nothing rude=15 Points

Overall Score: 25 Points, Rank 1, welcome to the clan Finalia it's great to have you!
(immortal) Briares
(immortal) Briares

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