Smokingkills2221 Test results.

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Smokingkills2221 Test results.

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:54 pm

Deck size- 58. Being this big he was struggling to get the cards he needed and jamming the deck with monsters this didn't help him very much. 0 Points.

Misplays- I am not the one to judge but the count of misplays on his test was unbelievable, He expected me to read them for him so i decided to pull some fast ones see if he realised, the people watching had to tell him about my mishaps. But overall he did manage to look at my weak spots of my monsters and got more powerful monsters. Overall 5 Points for focusing on the weakness's of the duel.

Creativity of the deck- The deck itself is a elemental hero deck a old school out dated deck if you ask me. But overall the deck itself is revolved around strategy depending on what cards you draw and i like that but it only has 5 traps and it is jammed with spells and monsters. Overall 5 points on creativity

Over all skill with deck- Well like i said his strategy revolves around the cards he draws and he works it out from there he never gives up and he never stops trying i like the determination in him. But like i also said maybe take some monsters and some spells and add some ore traps so you can expand on the strat you will be using. Overall 10 points

Attitude- He has a kind attitude he is a nice to his friends but spectating him the last weak he tends to tell abuse at other players for cheating instead of kindly wronging them on there mistakes. Over all attitude 10

Rank- So counting all the pros and the cons up I would like to say i will mentor you until i and the other clan members to work with us and help us become more powerful you are in the clan but i will be mentoring you until then stay on your Smoking account and when i think you're ready i will reward you with the (immortal) account.
25 overall Rank one! Congrats!

(immortal) Nova


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