Test results for smokingkills2221

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Test results for smokingkills2221

Post by (immortal) High JD on Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:37 am

Deck size was 41 cards = 10 points

Number of wins (left side tested, right side tester) 1-2 = 5 points

Missplays  (5-6) = 0 points

Creativity, it was darkworlds but it wasent traditional DWs he realied on discarding and using the high levels = 10 points

Skill with the deck It was decent, = 5 points

Side deck, no cards  = 0 points

His attitude, he was a really nice person and I do enjoy dueling him Smile = 15 points

His score is 45 and he is a level 1, welcome aboard we are glad to have you Smile
(immortal) High JD
(immortal) High JD

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