Retest for (Immortal)GrimShadow

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Retest for (Immortal)GrimShadow

Post by (immortal) High JD on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:01 pm

40 card deck = 10 points

Number of wins, left side tester, right side tested, 2-0 = 0 points

Misplays none = 20 points

Creativity, he played skill drain malefics aka meta destroyer (what I call it) = 10 points

Overall skill with the deck is great = 10 points

15 card side deck with good choices = 15 points

Attitude, was awesome but kinda spaced out on 2nd duel lol = 15 points

Grade 80 Rank 3, 1 more point and you would have gotten rank 4 Wink
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