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Retest for (immortal)sullivan.f

Post by (immortal) Jiendo on Thu May 07, 2015 10:34 pm

Testee (D.Hero) vs Tester (Lightsworn)

deck size- 40= 10 points

number of wins- O-O  = 0 points

misplay's (1-2) = 15 points - Flipping the light mirror that did nothing in that moment and attempting to flip it against Denko. it gave me free info and did nothing when you flipped it. Bar that played well man.

creativity /totally creative deck = 10 points -  D.HERO With Sync and a mask change. You don't see that variant overly often

over all skill with the deck/ good = 5 Points. Skill was ok, few misplays and the deck definitely needs a little work im happy to help you a bit if you like just shoot me a PM when we're both on.

side deck= 10 points - You had the 15 cards in there which is good but I have to ask the question. What do you side allure in against? Side deck is supposed to be counters for other decks and allure isnt a counter. its either main deck or not at all. Bar that not bad but I find it impossible to give a 15/15 so you get the next highest score.

attitude= 15 points - Hes a nice dude. fun to play against

Personal Preference is optional (this part is experimental)
Opponent's Deck, Recruiter's/Retester's Personal Preference = 5 Points - Deck was creative, used some strange techs that worked out fairly well (the discard one bomb SSed monsters helped out a bit) Deck could be an amazing deck if he worked on it a bit, tested and figured out what cards weren't needed and could be dropped.

Total Points - 70 - Rank 3. Good effort Sully. Just godda work on making that deck a bit more consistent and you'll break into rank 4
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