Test Results for Kranta

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Test Results for Kranta

Post by (immortal) Jiendo on Fri May 08, 2015 1:12 pm

Tester (Chronomally) Vs Testee (Lightsworn Chaos)

deck size 40-45 = 10 points

number of wins O.O = 0 points

misplay's (1-2) = 15 Points - You attempted to drop a Maxx C on a XYZ which revealed part of your hand for no reason, Its a friendly match so its not a huge issue but in a tournament you would likely be forced to leave it used and wasted. There was a second misplay but apologies its just gone from my mind. Its very late where I live and im quite tired. All in all a good performance however.

creativity = 10 - Its not meta, its not even rouge currently so I godda give top scores for this. I mean its chaos lightsworn so its nothing new but you are using a deck not widely used currently, less so now that there are no more rulers.

over all skill with the deck= 10 points - You know your deck, you didn't forget to mil, you knew the best stuff to grab with your lumina and what to go into. No complaints you clearly know LS well

side deck = 15 points - Side deck has most the stuff id hope to see, I would like to see some more meta relevant hate (something for nekroz/Shadoll/yada yada) but the side should be tailored for what you play against often and every card in there would be good to side in against some decks.

attitude/ having fun and generally nice = 15 points - seemed like a nice guy

Personal Preference is optional (this part is experimental)
Opponent's Deck- There is some stuff in your deck im iffy about. Celestia to me is just not an overly good card, You could use some stuff to protect your JD's in the form of lances (or if you run beckoning denko sekka is a nice tech) The deck runs fairly well no doubt. You did lack match experience but I was using a very strange deck thats not often seen so i wont fault you there. JD is still the win condition of the deck so you need ways to recover the milled ones outside of the 1 reincarnation...otherwise stuff will happen like that sad face mill of game 2.

If thats the deck you like keep using it, keep improving it. Well done

3/10 Extra Points

Total 78 - Welcome to Rank 3 Welcome to (immortal)
(immortal) Jiendo
(immortal) Jiendo

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