Recruitment test for ZeromusTheDamned

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Recruitment test for ZeromusTheDamned

Post by (immortal)sullivan.f on Mon May 18, 2015 8:48 pm

deck size/ 40-45 = 10 points.

number of wins/ O-X-O = 5 points.

misplay's/ 0 = 20 points.

creativity /some decks = 5 points.

over all skill with the deck/ ok = 5 points.

side deck/less than 15 side cards = 5 points.

attitude/ having fun and generally nice = 15 points.

Personal Preference is optional I like it, its a diff build from most sprit decks iv seen but alittle slow 5 points.

welcome to immortal rank 3 zeromus the damned and guys tell me if I did this good or I need to change something for next time. lol!


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