Recruitment Test of !!The Savior!! ^-^

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Recruitment Test of !!The Savior!! ^-^

Post by Kranta on Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:09 pm

Deck Size = 40 Cards = 10/10 Points

number of wins / (X is Tested, O is recruiter/retester) X-X = 20/20 Points

Creativity = Qliphort and Qliphort is the most uncreative Deck ever made, never come along with this Deck again >.< So 0/10 Points

over all skill with the deck = totally fine, you made no faults, but where should you in Qliphorts? Razz But there was 1 big problem with your deck build (wich i see as overall skill too): You had no extra deck. I know its hard to use xyz or sth in qliphorts, but if you are abled to play xyz, then build them in your deck. You never know when you could need them. = 7/10 Points

Side Deck = 15 cards, but they werent the greatest choice. They were too specificated on Special Summons, not general enough. Just play 2 of every card for example and you have enough space to use some imprisoning mirrors or non-fusion areas. So 10/15 Points

My attitude: I had a great time and hes a very nice and gentle Person :3 15/15 Points

No extra Points, cuz Qliphorts shall not get any extra points. Never. T-T

Still a very good duel and i welcome you with 62 Points as a Rank 3 Member of the immortal-Clan! ^-^


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